Tor-Beag Equestrian

We have known and used Lara as a physio for our horses for a number of years now and always found her and the results she provided excellent. Lara has the horse and its well being as the number one priority in the same way as we do. As both our horses are out regularly on the BSJA circuit we need to have them in the best of condition both physically & mentally. By using Lara on a regular basis the horses feel great and perform well. Lara forms an integral part of our background support team throughout the year when the horses are out competing. Anyone who thinks their horse may have a sore back or would benefit from a professional opinion should get in touch with her as soon as possible and see the difference in their horse very quickly.

Greig & Pamela Guthrie
Tor-Beag Equestrian


I have been visiting Lara for over a year, since I injured my back. I wasn’t very good at swimming to start with but with help I soon learned, and now I love it! My vet says he is sure that it is what is keeping me going. I get very excited when I know I’m going swimming and the best bit is when I get a biscuit at the end!!!

Homer Broughton-Hay


My name is Daisy and I have been swimming with Lara for almost a year now.  I’ve had many setbacks with my health in my young 7 years.  Firstly I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia which was a pain but I just got on with life until I kept falling over and discovered after being examined I had Wobblers syndrome.  The docs fixed me up at the vet school and my dad took me to hydrotherapy.  This was a great exercise, which I absolutely love and when I was later diagnosed with Osteoarthritis we started going to Lara twice a week.  Lara is brilliant and works me hard which has seen me not having to go for my monthly Cartrophen injection.  I have not had an injection since August 2010 which is all down to Lara’s hard work and dedication.  The best bit of all is Lara swims and plays with me and does not even mind me slapping her with my favourite rubber bone.  Thank you so much Lara and keep up the great work. 

Daisy the Rotti xx   



My name is Sasha, I am a 12 year old Springer Spaniel and I visit Lara regularly.  I have had arthritis for years and at 10 had to have an elbow replacement. Hydrotherapy at Lara's is the highlight of my day, I adore it. Apart from helping my mobility and keeping me fit and trim, I have a great time, it's fab.  The only time I run to the car is to go and see Lara to swim.  I would recommend it to everyone.

Sasha x


Rowan, our 4 year old springer spaniel/ border collie suffered ruptured cruciate ligaments in both her knees.  During her post-operative convalescence her vet advised us to see Lara at The Veterinary Physiotherapy Clinic about the muscle weakness in Rowan's legs.  On our first visit we were really surprised that the pool was as big as it was and we were put at ease by the friendly and relaxed attitude of Lara and her team. Rowan was apprehensive about the water, but after a few sessions she started to enjoy it and became more relaxed. The hydrotherapy has really benefitted her recovery and we were given good service and plenty of reassurance from Lara as to Rowan's recovery. We look forward to our sessions sitting by the pool with a cup or tea in hand and enjoyable conversations, it is like a social outing!  Not only that, we can purchase food, treats, and toys for our dogs at very competitive rates! Thank you Lara and your team for  all the help you gave, not only to Rowan, but to ourselves. Keep up the good work.

Morag and Bill McIntosh